As today is International Women's Day, I thought I would do a little post on something that just really, really bothers me.
I have been following the 'No More Page 3' campaign for a while now as Page 3 has always been something that I really just don't get. Why does something like this still exist today? Why was it even started at all. I remember when I was younger, always wondering why is there a naked woman in a newspaper that's in my house, in my possession and reach? There isn't a reason for it. If they got rid of it, their newspaper sales would sadly, more than likely, still be the same because people enjoy buying and reading the load of trash that they like to fill it with.
The Sun is unfortunately, an extremely popular newspaper in the UK. Making it so accessible to anyone and especially young children. The fact that as soon as you turn the first page you do not get the latest news and headlines around the world. You get a topless woman. The Sun have been doing it for so long now, that people are now becoming passive to it all - it's 'acceptable' and the 'norm' for the Sun to have a page 3 topless model, thus children growing up to believe the same. It objectifies women. It makes the passive audience/readers think it's FINE to have it there. It's not. The page 3 model is a 'sex object, for the gratification of men'. With this message being portrayed to this passive audience, they will then have the general idea that all women, like the page 3 models, don't mind being naked, don't mind being gazed upon and that it's a natural thing that all women do. And it's just not.
It's degrading that they are showing women like this. When sadly, page 4 is more than likely Mr David Cameron, in his suit, 'running' the country. Is this the kind of portrayal of the sexes we want to continue sending out?

I could type forever about this and stem it into teenage issues, domestic violence, rape etc. But I will leave it short and sweet. There are arguments against it but all I have to say is...
It's a national paper.
It's everywhere.
It's soft porn.
It's wrong.
It's the 21st Century and it's time it went!


Charlotte x
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